Topeka, Kansas to Miami, Florida

Today we embark on a road trip that starts off almost as far away from the ocean as you can get… to one of the most vibrant coastal cities in the USA. It’s 1,525 miles between Topeka and Miami and will take 3 days to cover the distance. We’re coming for you 305!



A storm system shifting into the Plains will be bringing some tumultous weather to the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest tomorrow. Meanwhile, further south, we depart Topeka heading east to fairly benign conditions. There could be a few afternoon showers or an isolated thunderstorm as we passs Columbia and eventually through St. Louis, but activity should be minimal. We’ll continue towards the south and end the day in Paducah, KY.


The cold front pushing through the Central US will draw closer throughout the night, but once again, we’ll be continuing our trip southeastward before it really has a chance to catch up at all. The morning hours should be quiet as we drive into TN and through Nashville, continuing towards Chattanooga in the early afternoon. A few scattered thunderstorms could greet us as we make our way through GA, but shouldn’t be anything more than normal daytime pop up thunderstorms in the area. So while we might run into a couple of them, nothing that should totally slow our trip through Atlanta and eventually into Perry, GA for the night.


There could be some lingering activity when we wake up for our final leg in this journey, as plenty of moisture being pumped into the Southeast ahead of that front will put plenty of juice for cells that linger through the night. Good news is that they should mostly die off fairly quickly after sunrise. However, as we cross into Florida, widespread thunderstorm activity is anticipated over the Sunshine state. Luckily for us, the general flow should push most of it towards the western half of the state, clearing things out a bit as we push through Orlando and eventually into our destination of Miami.