Burlington, North Carolina to Beaumont, Texas

As you may have noted yesterday, Anthony posted a forecast for a road trip from Dover to Beaumont. That was supposed to happen! He is a little bit ahead of me. By like a week. This is a trek from North Carolina to Beaumont, a trip that will last two days and cover 1062 miles. The first day will be a hair longer, covering 550.5 miles at our pace of 68.8mph. That’s pretty quick! The south likes to drive fast.

DAY ONE (Tuesday)
The wonderful thing about the south in the summer is that, when there is the slightest of features, it draws all the available energy from around it and all the thunderstorm activity that would otherwise be scattered across the region, to one local area. This time, it’s a weak cold front running from the Delmarva through Kentucky. The Carolinas, Georgia and Alabama look to be in great shape on Tuesday. Hot as the dickens, but in great shape. We’ll end up in Greenville, Alabama, which is about a half hour southwest of Montgomery.

DAY TWO (Wednesday)
Another wave moving into the Plains will induce an onshore flow off the Gulf, but the uniform southerly flow will ensure that there are no triggers to induce thunderstorms across the Lower Mississippi Valley. All told, there will be some clouds, and there might still be an isolated shower or storm, but it won’t be the type of activity that will really delay our trip. Southern Louisiana is usually good for at least one rumble of thunder in a summer afternoon, so don’t be surprised if that happens, but for the most part, we will be much drier than is typical on a drive along the Gulf Coast. You know, aside from the sweat