Santa Barbara, California to Decatur, Alabama

I like that Google helpfully informs that you can get from city to city in less than 6 hours if you fly. Where is the fun in that? No, we’re looking at a 4 day trip, covering 2070 miles at a pace of 69mph. That means our first three days will be done after 552 miles, with a shorter day to finish things off. The trek is predominantly along I-40, so at least we won’t get lost.

DAY ONE (Saturday)
Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara will very likely be a bit foggy as we head out for the day, but then when we hit the mountains just inland, we’ll be able to look briefly westward upon the cloud covered shores, before we descend eastward and inland. We’ll spend the rest of the day in the desert, but it won’t be as bad as all that sounds. It won’t be as hot as it could be, and it’s rained recently, so plants may have opened up and flowers will be in bloom. It will be pretty! And the night will end in Flagstaff, which has plenty of options to spend the night, which doesn’t always happen when driving through the desert.

DAY TWO (Sunday)
Low pressure will be moving in waves through the northern United States, but the southern United States will be quite dry. It might be a little breezy, but the warmth won’t be intolerable, especially in the higher terrain along the Arizona-New Mexico border. We’ll make it inside the Texas border by the end of the day, ending the day in Adrian, Texas.

DAY THREE (Monday)
Southerly flow reemerged as we head towards the Ozarks, and this will likely lead to a few questions. There is likely to be an isolated thunderstorm starting in eastern Oklahoma, followed by some more widespread light rain across Arkansas in the higher terrain. One thing seems clear, that when the terrain gets a bit rougher, we should expect a better threat for clouds, drizzle or not. We will make it about an hour into Arkansas with this drizzly threat before we call it a day in Lamar, which I hope people call “Lamarkansas”

DAY FOUR (Tuesday)
Expect a lingering but week warm front to stretch from the Ozarks to the Tennessee Valley on Tuesday, which is a pretty narrow path, but also rather unfortunate. You see, that’s exactly where we intend to drive on Tuesday. Expect things to start off dry before the heat of the day sets off a few showers and storms. There will be a chance for showers and thunderstorms from Corinth, Mississippi right on in to Decatur.