NWS upgrades their forecast

Much has been made about the ffact that the National Weather Service will be going from it’s all caps teletype forecasts to a more plain text, mixed case format for their forecast discussion. By that, I mean their forecast will look a little bit more like you would find here or in a book or really anywhere. No more yelling forecast.

Not many people look at the forecast discussion, though. Not many people know that they exist beyond someone like, say, a meteorologist seeking an additional opinion.  What will grab your eye is their new graphical forecast, which is now much easier to manage and maneuver:

Instead of clicking around with some arrows and a difficult to parse interface, it’s just a slider with a drop down for controls, and all with a much more refined map. It’s an obvious upgrade. Is there anything else you would like to see out of the NWS digital map? How about the discussions? Let us know in the comments.