Anderson, South Carolina to Huntington, West Virginia

We’re going to be spending our Thursday in the car, with a quick trip from South Carolina to West Virginia in our future. The drive will see us navigate the high terrain of Appalachian, which will really slow us down. A 366 mile journey will take us 6 1/2 hours to cover, which puts us at a sluggish 56.6mph pace. All right, let’s roll!


At the base of the developing ridge over the eastern United States is one last mid level trough cycling east along the Gulf Coast. This is bringing quite a bit of rain and thunder to the Gulf Coast with some showers and storms welling far enough north to reach northern Georgia and downstate South Carolina. As we leave Anderson, don’t be surprised if there are some clouds left over from the convective blowoff early in the day. After that, however, the drive will be great. It will be warm with sunny skies shining through the leafless trees of Appalachia. Huntington will finally be breaking out of the winter, and will be quite pleasant upon our arrival.