Beaumont, Texas to Des Moines, Iowa

Today we head off on a tour of the Plains, from Beaumont, TX to the heart of Iowa, Des Moines! Just over 900 miles separate the two locales, so it’ll take a couple of days to make the trek. What will we encounter on the trip? Let’s find out!



Low clouds and perhaps some fog will greet us as we head north out of Beaumont, snaking along the TX/LA border for most of the day. Tail end of a cold front is lingering over the region, which triggered some severe weather in north TX earlier on Monday. We could see some showers and isolated thunderstorms persisting early in the morning, however, by the time we pass north of Nacogdoches, we should be clear of most of the inclement weather. High pressure is setting up over the Great Lakes and its influence stretches almost all the way down the MS River Valley, so the rest of the day’s trek up into Eastern OK and Western AR, finishing our day in Fayetteville.


The high pressure will continue to keep the route clear of any significant weather, with at worst some increasing southerly winds as we push through western MO and up I35 to Des Moines. Should be lots of sunshine and warming temperatures!

Des Moines