Greenville, North Carolina to San Antonio, Texas

Another trek, this time a little longer than the one we went on yesterday. We’re going for 2 1/2 days, from eastern North Carolina to South Texas, covering about 1465 miles. Our pace will be quite brisk, at 68.3mph, which will lead to pretty expansive days, covering 546 miles, covering the rest of the drive on Friday. That’s a lot of driving! Let’s see what happens on these geographically vast adventures.

DAY ONE (Tuesday)
There is a heretofore inactive cold front sliding east towards the Appalachians, and it will near our route as we head westward. We will generally stay to the south of the boundary, but there is a good chance we will see temperatures and dew points on the rise no matter where we go. Expect a few clouds across the LaGrange, Georgia area as we finish our day, but no significant weather concerns. Maybe traffic issues in Atlanta, but no weather issues.

DAY TWO (Wednesday)
We’ll be off with no issues from LaGrange, and until we reach the Mobile area. After that point, we will be dodging thunderstorms for the rest of the way as we head west along the Coast. Some of the storms will be heavy, but the nature of the supporting atmospheric conditions suggests that none of the activity will be severe, but it will be very heavy at times. Southern Louisiana is very stormy and always catches these sea breeze storms the worst, so when we stop in Jennings, between Lafayette and Lake Charles, it may be in a downpour.

DAY THREE (Thursday)
A weak area of low pressure moving into southern Texas suggests that, unlike normal, our storm activity in the Gulf region will continue overnight. That means there will still be a few showers and storms as we get underway on Thursdat morning, and that activity will be possible all the way into San Antonio. The rain and thunder will be lighter than it was on Wednesday, but will nevertheless be a constant threat until we reach San Antonio.