Cape Coral, Florida to Greenville, North Carolina

We’re on the move again. Today is the first of a few road trips in a row, taking a day and a half up the coast, from the Gulf Coast of Florida to the eastern half of North Carolina. The trip covers 823 miles, which we will cover at a pace of 67.4mph. That will net us about 539 miles on our first day of travelling, with the change coming on the first part of Wednesday. Let’s see what lies ahead.

DAY ONE (Tuesday)
Cape Coral
The central and northern parts of the country are very active right now, and when the north is active, it needs to tap into moisture. It gets that moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, which means a southerly flow across coastal regions. Tomorrow morning as our day gets started, don’t be surprised to see quite a bit of fog as we get going, and some of that dense fog will obscure our route all the way to about Ocala. After things warm up, though, the fog will begin to burn off, giving way to sun. There won’t be any rain or thunder, despite how ominously the day starts. We will be able to drive through Jacksonville, Savannnah and on to St. George, South Carolina with nary a drop of rain.

DAY TWO (Wednesday)
Flow will be brisk and southerly as we head from St. George to Greenville as an area of low pressure in the Great Lakes generates strong circulation, including a cold front abutting the Appalachins. Mostly though, what we will notice will be the warmth in the Carolinas, despite partly to mostly cloudy skies. f ever there was a good time to be in Greenville, North Carolina, it would be this Wednesday.