El Paso, Texas to Battle Creek, Michigan

It’s time for a trip! It’s a 3 day trip from El Paso to Battle Creek. It will take us through a slice of the country that isn’t often traversed. That in itself makes it fun, right? It will cover 1654 miles, which puts us at a pace of 70.1mph. Holy smokes. The first day will be a little shorter than Sunday and Monday, but at that blistering pace, it will still be a long day’s journey. The first two days will have a goal of 561 miles behind us. We will be hauling.

DAY ONE (Sunday)
We’re going to start with a warm, clear day in far western Texas, but we will likely encounter some clouds on I-20 near Monahans. The dry line will be making it’s first appearance of the season, but it won’t make for much more than those clouds and a very isolated shower from Monahans to Sweetwater. As we continue to Holliday, southwest of Wichita Falls, expect things to really clear out before our stop for the night.

DAY TWO (Monday)
That dry line will hook up with a cold front emerging from the High Plains on Monday, and start touching off a few isolated showers and storms. That activity may indeed be stronger or even severe as we pass through eastern Oklahoma fairly early in the day. This activity will not be moving terribly quickly, so regardless of how many of the storms cross our path between Chickashaw and Tulsa, we will be in good shape by the time we reach Missouri. We’ll make it all the way to St. James, Missouri, just east of Rolla, before the day ends.

DAY THREE (Tuesday)
Our route will reach a directly south-north segment at very nearly the exact wrong time. The cold front will be coming into its own over Illinois, and showers and potentially thunderstorms will be increasingly more likely as the day wears on in the Land of Lincoln. Expect rain with some embedded thunderstorms from the moment we set out from St. James all the way until we turn to the east around Joliet, just outside of Chicago. That’s a most-of-the-day storm for your drive in Illinois. Fortunately, we should beat it to Chicago, and make our way around Lake Michigan to Battle Creek in incredibly balmy early March weather.