Columbus, Indiana to Gulfport, Mississippi

It’s Leap Day today! We’re going to travel from Southern Indiana down to the Gulf Coast, to a city appropriately named Gulfport! The journey is a 2-day, 739-mile trip. We could probably do it in one day, but that would be a LONG day, so 2 leisurely days it is!



A cold front breezed through overnight, bringing some rain and a couple surprise thunderstorms to the area. Luckily, they’ve shifted well off to the east as we depart in the morning, so perhaps just a few wind gusts will greet us. Broad but weak high pressure is found over the Ohio and TN Valleys for the day, so other than some partly cloudy skies in the wake of the aforementioned front, it should be a rather quiet day as we drive south through Kentucky and Tennessee, finishing the day in Birmingham.


A more potent are of low pressure is going to shift into the OH Valley today, trailing a strong cold front as well. Mostly cloudy skies are expected during the day as we travel southwest into eastern Mississippi, with some increasing southerly winds as well. There might be a stray shower through midday as we get closer to our destination, and as we pull into Gulfport, there might be an isolated thunderstorm in the region. The heavier activity should remain off to the north however, so we got into town at just the right time!