Spartanburg was right in the midst of this week’s storm system as it gathered itself and headed north towards the mid-Atlantic. There was a lot of ice in Virginia, and some thunderstorms brought destructive tornadoes to the southeast. Upstate South Carolina found itself sandwiched between the two features, and got a little bit of everything over the weekend. Thunderstorms, light snow, rain, you name it, they got it. Whaat they also got was a dreadful temperature forecast. It didn’t climb above 30 on Monday, which meant not only problems for the highs on Monday, but also the lows on Tuesday, as temperatures didn’t even start within 8 degrees of what many people expected. Accuweather had the fewest issues, thanks to a recognition of the potential for chilly temperatures in Spartanburg.
Actuals: Monday – Snow, thunderstorms, reported but not measured. High 30, Low 26
Tuesday – Rain, snow, thunderstorm, .01″ measured officially (I’m suspect) High 59, Low 30

Grade: B-D