Naples, Florida to Champaign, Illinois

Boy, this sure has been a lot of traveling, hasn’t it been? We’re returning from the sunny shores of Naples, Florida on a two day trip covering 1239 miles. The second day will be the long one, but we should cover 557 miles on Tuesday, leaving the rest of the trip for Wednesday. Let’s get going. Might as well get leaving Florida over with. 🙁

DAY ONE (Tuesday)
If you haven’t heard, it’s an absolute mess in the east coast, but a surge of warm air will help to prevent too much snow and ice accumulation for the eastern Seaboard. But we are starting in Florida. A very active cold front will be moving through the Florida Peninsula, with scattered showers and thunderstorms tomorrow morning. Sleeping in Naples may be difficult tonight, but as we get going in the morning, the source cold front will be almost through the area. Some post frontal showers will be possible to about Tampa, with clear skies then filling in a we drive North Florida. Clouds may begin to fill back in while driving through central Georgia, but we will stop in Forsyth for the night before we have to worry about any other nefarious conditions.

DAY TWO (Wednesday)
The broad upper level trough that has been bedeviling the country for so many days is finally going to start retreating to the northeast by Wednesday. Not only will we steer clear of any precipitation, but nearly everywhere we drive will be warmer than it was on Tuesday. People in Champaign are just going to be so happy to be outside when we arrive.