Atlantic City, New Jersey to Spartanburg, South Carolina

Hey! This is trip one of two for the day. Both will involve Spartanburg, but one we will be leaving and another, we will be arriving. This time, we are arriving from the north after a 10 hour drive covering 665 miles. IF you couldn’t guess, we will do this drive at a pace of about 66.5mph. I think we can manage. Let’s get on the old dusty trail!

Atlantic City
I wish I had better news for you on this particular journey. The cold end of a feature moving out of the Ohio Valley will be arriving in the Mid Atlantic early on Friday, and it is going to take absolutely forever to get out of the Philadelphia area. Then we get to try Baltimore and Washington, and each will be progressively worse. It may even be a bit snowy or icy early in the day in northern North Carolina. Fortunately, it will probably take us so long to get out of the Megaplex to the north, we won’t be reaching North Carolina until the precipitation begins to wind down. Late in the day as we approach the Piedmont, most of the precipitation in the area will be lingering along the North Carolina border, and may be freezing there, but Spartanburg will be waiting on the heavy precipitation to the west. But lets talk about the earlier part of the trip again. The snow wll be slow going. It won’t be the monster that they saw earlier in the winter, but it should slow things down for the first workday f the week. The real problem will be where precipitation mixes, and that will be from Washington to the North Carolina border. Freezing Rain? Maybe. Sleet? Probably. Rain/snow mix? Almost certainly. That is a mess. It’s difficult to forecast in and even worse to drive in. If you think this trip is ACTUALLY getting done in 10 hours, you will be sorely disappointed. PLan on a night in northern Virginia, then finish it off when the temperature warms up on Tuesday. Good luck getting to Spartanburg!