Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Bend, Oregon

We are crisscrossing the country these next two days. Our journey today takes us westbound on a 5 day, 2752 mile trip. The last day will be a little bit longer than the rest, with those 4 days will cover 537 miles thanks to a pace of 67.1 miles. That’s a long trip, but I think it should be very fun.

DAY ONE (Friday)
A broad upper level trough over the Great Lakes will start to find itself later in the day tomorrow, which is bad news for us. Cold air will already be in place as we leave Philly, and make our way into the Appalachians, but as we begin to reach the western faces of those hills, things are going to start going downhill. Well, I mean, the roads will actually literally be downhill, but also, conditions. You know what I mean. From the Pittsburgh area into Ohio, expect the threat for snow to increase and persist all the way to Toledo. It should be light fluff, so the roads won’t be slick, but visibility may be a bit sketchy. Toledo is indeed our stopping point on Friday night.

DAY TWO (Saturday)
As the upper level trough begins to shift to the east, the backfilling northwest flow will produce some lake effect snow. This will really only be relevant over northern Indiana from about South Bend to LaPorte. The chilly air will continue all the way to Geneseo, near the Quad Cities, but the threat for snow will just about be done for the day by the time we hit Chicago. It won’t be nearly as snowy on Saturday as it was on Friday.

DAY THREE (Sunday)
The next clipper will be moving into the northern Plains, oh, at about the exact same time as we will. There is pretty good consensus that we will see snow as we start our day in Geneseo. Moderate snow showers will be possible through Des Moines, which will definitely keep things slow for the first couple hours of the day. Guidance diverges from there. Let’s just say there is a chance for some snow between Des Moines and Omaha, but it will likely be fairly sparse if we see anything at all. Best of all, this is a warm front. Any snow that falls will be wet and may not last long on the ground if it falls at all. The forecast becomes clearer as we trek across Nebraska, We’ll end up in the mostly cloudy Panhandle, stopping at the tiny backwater of Brownson.

DAY FOUR (Monday)
There will be some mountain snow across Wyoming overnight Sunday into Monday, but it will wither away by the time we hit the road. In fact, through most of the day, we should be free and easy, with a pretty manageable trip into the Rockies. There could be some additional snow in southeastern Iowa, but our route will wrap around it into Malta, free of any of the snow that was so close to us through much of this route.

DAY FIVE (Tuesday)
The last day of the trip might be the best one of them all. A ridge will be setting up over the Pacific Northwest, which means great weather through Idaho and the back roads of Oregon. It will be unseasonably warm, and a great way to end a long trip.