Jackson, Mississippi to Rochester, New York

It’s actually about 50 minutes faster to get from Jackson to Rochester than from Elmira to Jackson, yesterday’s route. It also takes a totally different route. The only similarity is that they both touch Jackson. This trip covers 1185 miles, and our route relies heavily on the interstate, so we will be moving along at 68.3mph. As a result, we will cover 546 miles on the first day, with about an extra hour expected on top of our normal drive on Saturday. Let’s see how different the weather looks today.

DAY ONE (Friday)
Our first day of travel will be very nice. A weak thermal ridge is building in the southern United States, so warm and sunny conditions will dominate the drive through Mississippi, Tennessee and into Kentucky. We will stop for the night on Friday in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

DAY TWO (Saturday)
To be totally honest (which I hope you have come to expect from me) I don’t think there will be much snow on Saturday. We should make it through Ohio without a flake, but somewhere during that last hour or so, from Buffalo to Rochester, the winds will turn and become lake borne, and it is at this point that we will begin to flurry. It won’t slow much down, not in this part of New York, and it may even be picturesque when we arrive in Rochester.