Elmira, New York

Hey everyone. Elmira saw none of the snow from the last blizzard that afflicted the mid-Atlantic. That is a tight gradient that Elmira doesn’t usually end up on the favorable side of. Will fortune continue to be in their favor this week?

At 1053PM, ET, Elmira was reporting a temperature of 40 degrees with a brisk west wind and overcast skies. The sharp upper level trough that originally parented the major winter storm of the weekend continues to lie over eastern North America, though it is reorienting in such a manner that it will soon become a progressive feature. The exit flow is split, and there is an inland streak at the north end. As a result, there is an upper level band of clouds with light precipitation found on satellite stretching through New England and the Appalachians.
There is a broader, lower amplitude wave in the Great Lakes that will help usher things along in New York. The westerly flow will taper, and the post frontal moisture, as well as any lake effect snow will dry up early in the day tomorrow. The next round of precipitation will be a Clipper moving through the Great Lakes, but with a strong jet remaining over the Gulf and Gulf Stream, this feature is not epected to carry any mosture over the Catskills into Elmira, but it should begin to import some warmer air.
Tomorrow – Clearing, but cooler post frontally – High 37, Low 24
Thursday – Mostly sunny, High 37, Low 24

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy skies during the morning hours will become overcast in the afternoon. A few flurries or snow showers possible, High 37, Low 26
Thursday – Cloudy. A few flurries or snnow showers possible, High 36, Low 23

AW: Tomorrow – A morning flurry; otherwise, cloudy, breezy and colder High
Thursday – Breezy with periods of clouds and sun; a flurry in the afternoon High 37, Low 20

NWS: Tomorrow – A chance of snow showers, mainly between 10am and 3pm. Mostly cloudy, High 36, Low 24
Thursday – A slight chance of snow showers after 1pm. Partly sunny, High 36. Low 19

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of snow showers, High 36, Low 23
Thursday – Partly sunny in the morning, then becoming mostly cloudy, High 36, Low 19

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly Cloudy with Slight Chance of Light Snow Showers High 32, Low 23
Thursday – Partly Cloudy with Slight Chance of Light Snow Showers High 34, Low 27

FIO: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy until evening.High 34, Low 24
Thursday – Foggy in the morning.High 33, Low 20

Here is the satellite image, showing off that band of clouds precip across New England. All temperatures tomorrow are non-standard. Interesting how precip-heavy weveryone is.

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