Idaho Falls, Idaho to Fargo, North Dakota

This is quite the remote trip, isn’t it? The drive from eastern Idaho to eastern North Dakota will cover a lot of eastern Montana and all of North Dakota, covering 964 miles and lasting a little longer than a day and a half. The course through the remotest part of the lower 48 will allow us a swift pace of 69.2mph. That means day one will consist of a 553 mile drive. Let’s get it started, then!

DAY ONE (Saturday)
Idaho Falls
Despite the climactic tumult found out east this weekend, it will be pretty quiet in the northern High Plains. A shortwave crashing into the coast over the Pacific Northwest will be chasing us for much of the day, but we should stay ahead of the wet weather for the day. It will be unusually warm, with temperatures near freezing throughout most of our drive, which will end at exit 192 off of I-94 in rural eastern Montana. It’s the best I can do.

DAY TWO (Sunday)
The system will really dry up overnight as it tries to get into the Dakotas. We will once again keep our distance between ourselves the precipitation. By the end of the day, it will snow in western North Dakota, but that will be long after we have passed through the region. Instead, we will end the trip in Fargo in unseasonably warm conditions, though with a chance for some snow coming Monday. At least the drive was nice.