Winston-Salem, North Carolina to Salisbury, Maryland

Off on a really cool road trip. It takes us through the Hampton Roads area, across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel, a 13 mile stretch across the mouth of the Bay that goes underwater for a couple miles at a time so as not to block the shipping lanes to Baltimore or Washington. But what about the weather? Obviously, it won’t really matter when we’re underground, but that means most of our drive will be above water. What then? Well, we’ll ne traveling at a pace of only 58.7mph thanks to some slow bridge travel and some time spent navigating metro areas. At that pace, it will take us almost 7 hours to cover the 394 miles between our loci. Let’s go see some seaside sights.

There is a weak bulb of low pressure rotating through the Great Lakes overnight tonight, and it will bring a bit of a westerly flow to the mid-Atlantic, which will lie well south of any associated precipitation. This should mean a bit warmer air for our drive, but I think we are in the clear for precipitation and cloud cover, really. High pressure is sliding away from the southeast, which might mean some breezy conditions, but that’s as bad as it gets. Enjoy the drive!