Burlington, Vermont to Terre Haute, Indiana

We have back to back road trips for you! Today, we embark from New England to the Hoosier State. This can be a rather precarious route to take during the winter, with lake effect streams possibly hampering the commute. Will it this week? Let’s take a gander!


High pressure is found over New England and the Northeast as we head out in the morning. While we can see some clouds filter in throughout the day, dry weather will greet us all the way through NY and PA as we finish our day in Erie, PA.


Overnight, a system is shifting into the Mid-MS River Valley, and pushing up a lot of moisture ahead of it. It’ll be dry as we head out of Erie towards Cleveland, but as we push towards Columbus, we can expect rain showers to spread over the area. It’ll be on the chilly side of things too, but not cold enough to swap it over to snow, that should stay to the north and west of our route. Once we get towards the OH/IN border, we should only be seeing some light rain showers and low clouds. Kind of a murky end to the trip, but at least we should avoid the snow!