New Haven, Connecticut to Danville, Illinois

A day and a half is all it will take to travel from Connecticut to about shorteast distance into Illinois you can get and still say you are in Illinois. That will cover 900 miles at a pace of 65.3 mph. That will leave us with a 522 miles day on Tuesday, with less than 400 to go on Wednesday. Manageable, and the weather should be brilliant.

DAT ONE (Tuesday)
New Haven
High pressure will only be getting stronger over the Great Lakes through the night tonight and into the day tomorrow. Expect some mostly cloudy conditions to give way to mostly sunny skies. A good dividing mark will be the higher terrain of central Pennsylvania, with sunny skies really emerging in Ohio. The day will end in Akron.

The last little bump on this trip will be even less variable. Just sun until about 2pm, when we arrive in Danville. Temperatures will even be kind of warm, with any snow in the area melting in the January thaw.