Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Carson City, Nevada

Westward ho! We’re off on a 3 day adventure, covering 1724 miles at a pace of nearly 69mph. Days one and two will be a bit shorter, concluding after 551 miles. High pressure is in place right now. Will that change?

DAY ONE (Sunday)
The Upper Midwest is cold and brisk, wallowing in the back side of a strong low now shifted into Canada. The upper level trough still demarcates the back end of cold weather, and will run through western Iowa through most of the day tomorrow. Warmer weather is on its way, and there will be the beginnings of a temperature recovery as we cross into Nebraska. We will make it west for a while, before settling in at Norwalk, just to the east of Kearney. Temperatures will be much better on Monday.

DAY TWO (Monday)
It’s going to be quieter as we head westbound on I-80 on Monday. Ridging will be in place, and the trough that had caused problems the day before with some brisk north winds will be long gone. Calm day, driving through the remainder of the Plains… we should make good time. The day will end Point of Rocks, Wyoming. Only one more day to slug our way through.

DAY THREE (Tuesday)
Western Wyoming, northern Utah and most of Nevada will be problem free on Tuesday. A sharp strong trough organizing in the Pacific Northwest will struggle to bring precipitation across the Sierras. This will save us throughout most of the final third of our drive on Tuesday, but there will eventually be some spillover. The threat for rain wiil begin to threaten about an hour after we turn off of I-80, and less than an hour before we arrive in Carson City. Fortunately, at this time of arrival, we should expect some light rain, and not snow. Something to be thankful for this week, I guess.
Carson City