Janesville, Wisconsin

Today we head off to Janesville, just north of the Illinois/Wisconsin border. I drove through there last month on my way to visit family, and the weather was quite pleasant. Will it be just as nice the next couple of days?

At 1135pm CDT, the temperature at Janesville, WI was 57 degrees with rain showers and winds gusting to 30-35mph. An area of low pressure lifting out of the Central Plains up into the Upper Midwest is spreading rain throughout the region, some areas further south (Lower MS River Valley) were getting 3-4″ today as the slow-moving cold front pushed through. Rain showers will persist throughout the day as low pressure continues to lift north into Canada, with cooler temps pushing in during the evening. However, another cold front is pushing its way into the Northern Plains right now, kicking up historic wind gusts throughout the Pacific Northwest. Spokane, WA set a record today with a 71mph non-thunderstorm wind gust. Want to see how windy it can be during a weather balloon launch? Check out this video courtesy of NWS Spokane!

Anyways, this secondary front is going to push through during the early mornign hours Thursday, dropping temperatures even more. Temps could be as much as 30 degrees lower in 48 hours. Looks like winter wants to make itself heard very quickly!

Wednesday: Rain showers throughout the day, trailing off late evening. High 59, Low 46.
Thursday: Decreasing clouds, very windy. Temperatures dropping throughout much of the day. High 46, Low 31.

TWC: Wednesday: AM rain/wind. High 59, Low 46.
Thursday: Mostly sunny and windy. High 46, Low 34.

AW: Wednesday: Windy, morning rain. High 61, Low 46.
Thursday: Partly sunny, windy, cooler. High 46, Low 34.

NWS: Wednesday: Showers and patchy fog. High 60, Low 45.
Thursday: Mostly sunny and windy. High 44, Low 32.

WB: Wednesday: Rain showers. High 60, Low 46.
Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 46, Low 33.

WN: Wednesday: Windy with rain showers. High 61, Low 45.
Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 45, Low 36.

FIO: Wednesday: Rain until afternoon and breezy throughout the day. High 63, Low 46.
Thursday: Breezy until afternoon and partly cloudy starting in the afternoon, continuing until evening. High 48, Low 31.

Widespread rain showers are lifting northwards throughout the region, something that will continue throughout the day Wednesday.

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