Hartford, Connecticut to Blacksburg, Virginia

Today’s road trip will be a scenic scoot down the East Coast, from CT to VA. It’s a 619-mile drive, so while it’ll be a very long day, it’s doable. Plus, we gotta get into town before the weekend hits! College towns get a little crazy on the weekends. Pack up tonight, we’re leaving early in the morning!


Strong low pressure continues to sit over southern Quebec. While cloudy skies greet us at dawn, dry conditions are expected over the area as most of the precip gets caught up over western PA/NY. However, gusty winds will be prevalant throughout the day as the strong pressure gradient whips them up, particularly as we make our way through southeastern PA and eventually through MD/Northern VA. Skies will clear up more as we push through VA, in the evening, and we eventually pull into Blacksburg, ending our long day.