Bloomington, Illinois to Raleigh, North Carolina

Here is a fun thing to do over Halloween weekend: Drive a day and a half to North Carolina! The two cities are 800 miles apart, and the pace we will move along at will be a nice 66mph. That means on Halloween, we will cover 528 miles and get off the road before Trick or Treaters step out onto it.

DAY ONE (Saturday)
A developing cold frotn associated with our next disturbance in central Canada will move very slowly through the Mississippi Valley. We’ll be dealing with some splashes of rain from the outset, but our eastward drive means that we will likely outrun the rain. It will be mostly cloudy with an isolated drop of rain from Indianapolis to Dayton, but a sunny sky and clearer condition will await through the restt of the Buckeye State and across West Virginia. As we just enter Virginia, we will call it a night in the mountain alcove of Bastian, VA.

DAY TWO (Sunday)
Our low will split in two, and the boundary connecting the whole assemblage will fall apart. There might be some drizzle as we cross out of the highest stretch of the Appalachians down towards Wytheville and on to North Carolina. We’ll be skirting the northern edge of the southern area of development, so it will be cloudy through the morning as we head across North Carolina to its capital, but it should be dry when we arrive (though likely not for long after that).