San Antonio Texas to Pensacola, Florida

It’s only one day from south Texas to the Florida Panhandle. San Antonio is about due west of Pensacola, but a little to the south. It’s an easier drive than it seems like it should be. Google tells us it will be a little shy of 10 ½ hours, covering 720 miles at about 69mph. That’s a hot pace. Let’s make our way through the Gulf Coast.

It says this drive will be 10 ½ hours at a pace of nearly 70mph, but with our passage right through the heart of Houston, after starting in the heart of San Antonio, I have to find that a little hard to believe. We won’t have any issues with the radar, though, as we will be passing through the southern edge of a very strong ridge of high pressure that’s been parked over the center of the country. Here might be a little bit of onshore flow through southern Louisiana, but at worst, that will bean some high clouds. Really, it will be a good day to drive through the southern United States.