Mobile, Alabama to Allentown, Pennsylvania

Well, after long last, it looks like Mapquest is pushing us into using Google Maps. They are releasing a new version that doesn’t include embeddable maps! So, here’s our first shot, trying to figure out how Google will work, and they are pushing us on a 2 day trek, covering 1120 miles, for a pace of 70.5 mph. Holy smokes, Google! At that blistering, Google endorsed pace, we will make it 564 miles on day one. So let’s get going. We’re haulin’

DAY ONE (Saturday)
Mobile Bay is looking good this weekend, but to the north, things won’t be as wonderful. The drive through Alabama will be problem free, fortunately, but there is a chance for a rogue shower of thunderstorm across the Peach State, which could really slow things down around Atlanta. Most of this is general diurnal instability, but when we reach the Charlotte area, we will encounter some heavier storms. High pressure building from the mid-Atlantic is chasing the tail of a cold front, and if you know anything about fronts in the Carolinas, you know that won’t be moving quickly. So neither will we. We’ll stop in Arlington in the Charlotte metro for the night.

DAY TWO (Sunday)
As the ridge over the mid-Atlantic presses east, moisture over North Carolina will be wrapped up the back end of the ridge, bringing more heavy rain north through Virginia. Expect heavy rain until about Winchester, VA, with things clearing out quickly after we hit Maryland. THe little sliver of Mary;amd we drove through? Great. West Virginia? Wonderful. Penssylvania? No problems here, either. Allentown will be in great shape by the time we reach it.