Yakima, Washington to Modesto, California

Today we embark on a tour of sorts of the West Coast! This is a 728-mile trip that will be split up into two days. Perhaps a hearty family could make the trip in a single day, but that would be a LONG day, and who really wants to only spend one day looking at the beauty of the mountains?!



A cloudy start to the day is expected as a frontal system approaches the Pacific Northwest, bringing rain to the coastal areas and the Cascades, but isn’t quite able to make it over the mountains to our route southwards out of Yakima down into Central Oregon. That will kind of be the theme for today: cloudy, but dry. Not too many problems are anticipated as we make our way into CA and finish our day In Redding.


Some rain showers are possible as we start our day as the front from yesterday pushes further inland. A surge of moisture could be strong enough to bring some rain showers to far northern CA, but as the morning continues, it’ll dry out and we’ll be left to deal with just some mostly cloudy skies as we head towards Sacramento. Clouds will break up a bit as we make our way through the capital and eventually into Modesto!