Billings, Montana to Rochester, New York

Hey, gang, it’s time for a road trip! We’ll be on the road for 3 1/2 days, covering 1834 miles. That will put us on a pace of about 63.6mph. I think we can handle this, but we should get going. I’m a little surprised that the pace is so relaxed. Expect to cover only 509 miles a day.

DAY ONE (Saturday)
A deep area of low pressure over the northern Plains is going to really organize tonight and into tomorrow. The low itself will lie over eastern North Dakota and into northern Minnesota and the cold front will be marching through Minnesota. This means we will be post frontal, however similar to the system early this week, moisture will wrap around the low, and there will be a chance for moisture from Billings to the Black Hills, coming as drizzle possibly and clouds certainly. When we start driving through the Plains, the system will have shifted north towards Canada, pulling the rain away from South Dakota. Our day will end in Kymann, about half way across SoDak.

DAY TWO (Sunday)
South of the upper level trough, it will be fairly cool, with mostly cloudy skies. The dry slot will dominate our route, and there could really be some significant clearing late in the day. As the low gets deeper, that cold front will move faster, so we’re going to be even further away from threatening weather at the end of the day than we were at the beginning. The night ends in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

DAY THREE (Monday)
More high pressure! Another easy drive. This time it will be sunny and the day will end in Pembroke, New York. So close! There really isn’t much to add, frankly.

DAY FOUR (Tuesday)
The law will begin to unravel, meaning more clouds will eject over the Lakes. Still, with the brief drive on Tuesday morning, there is virtually no chance we need to worry about an organized shower before we arrive at our destination.