Hartford, Connecticut to Chico, California

How about we take one of the longest possible road trips available to us on these little road trip adventures? All right then, it’s 6 days from Connecticut to northern California, at a distance of 2956 miles. Those in Connecticut may not be as familiar with the open road, and we will be covering a lot of it at a pace of 64.7 miles. That means we will cover 517 miles a day, and it will still take 6 days to get to Chico. Better start haulin’.

DAY ONE (Monday)
There is a change in pattern coming to the country throughout this week, but the clear, warm weather the northeast saw today will generally continue tomorrow. There may be some showers that crop up in the higher terrain of the Appalachians, but organized showers and storms aren’t going to be an issue. As we head west into Ohio, we will approach the rich, moist return flow ahead of a wave in the Upper Midwest. We won’t get far enough into Ohio to guarantee ourselves a shower but there is definitely a shot of it between Clarion Falls, Pennsylvania and our Monday night pit stop in Newton Falls, Ohio.

DAY TWO (Tuesday)
That moist plume that we will encounter before we arrive in Newton Falls will make for a rainy evening Monday night, but will be found mostly at the higher elevations of the Appalachians by the time we start making progress Tuesday morning. There will be some clouds through the remainder of our travels through Ohio, but certainly not very heavy showers. We will encounter some pleasant conditions across northern Indiana. Pleasant driving conditions, anyways, as for those outside will be slogging through very hot and humid weather. That wave in the Upper Midwest will be organizing during the day on Tuesday, and some strong thunderstorms may eject far enough to the east to reach Peru and Lasalle as we pass by. We wll fight through those storms as we continue on to Geneseo, southeast of the Quad Cities. There is a decent chance that some of this activity is severe, including the chance for some isolated tornadoes. Let’s hope our windshields make it.

DAY THREE (Wednesday)
Wednesday will be very different than Monday and Tuesday. The cold front will move through as we recline in Geneseo. There may be a stray shower leftover as we head out for the day, but the heaviest weather will come before we depart. After that, expect a cool, breezy dry slot through Iowa and Nebraska. Don’t be surprised if there is a splash of light drizzle between Des Moines and Omaha in conjunction with an inverted trough, but the day will otherwise be very pleasant, and almost worth of a rolled down window or two. We’ll end the day in Maxwell, Nebraska, which lies just east of North Platte.

DAY FOUR (Thursday)
There really isn’t anything to say for Thursday. There won’t be much to see, and the weather will be perfect for driving through western Nebraska and southern Wyoming. We will end the day in the wastelands between Fort Bridger and Green River. Take the Westvaco Road exit and park the camper there.

DAY FIVE (Friday)
Back to the heat we go. Elevation will be the only thing to save Salt Lake City, but the wide open spaces with sunny skies will lead to some serious heat when we drive through the Bonneville Salt Flats and further west into northern Nevada. The day will end, once again, in some empty spaces, these near Argenta, Nevada, which is east of Battle Mountain.

DAY SOX (Saturday)
The crest of the ridge will be in the Rockies, so Chico won’t be as warm as it has been when we reach our destination on Saturday afternoon. Skies will still be sunny, and wind will be light, and even though it might not be 105, it will still be pretty darn warm.