Jonesboro, Arkansas to Hartford, Connecticut

Today we trek on a 1,256-mile journey from eastern Arkansas to New England. It’ll take 3 days to cover the route, so lets see what the skies have in store for us as we push through the heart of summer!



Some lingering clouds and spotty fog are possible to start the day off as we depart Jonesboro towards the northeast, quickly experiencing northwestern TN before we cross into the Bluegrass state. High pressure controls much of the region, but with abundant low-level moisture over the area, the intense daytime heat is enought to pop off some scattered thunderstorms over the region, especially over the Appalachians. We might have to dodge one or two of these storms as we traverse I-69 and finish the day in Lexington.


High pressure persists over the region, but will be weakening throughout the day as it pushes out over the Atlantic. Before it does though, sunny skies should greet us as we head out of Lexington towards Charleston, WV, then continue up I-79 to Morgantown before taking I-68 eastwards into Hagerstown. There could be a few scattered thunderstorms over far western Maryland as we head through the Appalachians, but outside of that, it should be a fairly easy travel day as we finish in Hagerstown for the night.


This will be the shortest of the 3 legs, but road construction could slow us down some. Showers and thunderstorms are increasing over the OH/TN Valleys behind us, but thankfully, coastal areas of the Northeast and New England are still somewhat under the influence of high pressure sitting offshore. Some scattered thunderstorms are expected over the mountains once again, but once we make it past Allentown and into northern New Jersey, we should be in the clear for the rest of the trip into Hartford.