Pine Bluff, Arkansas to Burlington, North Carolina

Today we embark on a trip in the Southeastern US, from Pine Bluff, Arkansas to Burlington, NC. An 846-mile trip that will cover 2 days, but only 3 states. That’s what happens when you travel through wide states! Let’s see if sunny skies will greet us on the roadways



High pressure is firmly entrenched over the Eastern US, keeping the region dry and quiet. Outside of perhaps some spotty morning fog that should burn off shortly after sunrise, clear skies are expected on our departure from Pine Bluff towards Memphis. As we cruise towards Nashville, some spotty afternoon clouds will pop up, but should be nothing more than fair weather cumulus. As we make our way into Knoxville for the evening, there might be a couple of thunderstorms rumbling off in the distance, as a few are expected to pop off in the afternoon over the mountains, but they should stay out of the area.


High pressure persists throughout the region for another day, greeting us with pleasant skies as we head for the Smoky Mountains. A few clouds will pop up in the early afternoon as we cruise on into the Plateau region of NC, and eventually into Burlington.