Burlington, North Carolina to Lima, Ohio

It’s not like we aren’t in a well populated part of the country, but our route is interesting in how few large cities it touches in its 529 mile journey. Expect it to last just under 9 hours at a pace of about 60.5mph. So let’s knock this day of driving out and see what weather is in the forecast.

There will be a little bit of lingering moisture up in the high terrain of western North Carolina as we awake on Saturday. A trough developing off shore will increasingly steal moisture from the Carolinas, though, and we will get underway with partly cloudy skies, some spotty ground fog, but really no other sizeable concerns. Well, not with this system. A wave moving out of the Upper Midwest will extennd a warm front through the Great Lakes. While it is doing that, it may draw some of that moisture across the Appalachians. Don’t be surprised if there is a dose of light rain around Charleston, and as far to the northwest as Chillicothe. The great news, though, is that we will be in the clear through the remainder of Ohio. Expect a bit of a heat wave, Ohio! Lima will feel like the one in Peru upon our arrival.