Manchester, New Hampshire to Stockton, California

This is going to be a hike, isn’t it? A 6 day journey from shore to shore, covering 3110 miles. That’s about as long a journey as you can expecta and stay in the CONUS on these treks. The drive will average a pace of nearly 65mph. The first 5 days will be through after 519.6 miles, with that last day just a hair shorter. Boy, nothing better than a week of driving, is there? Saddle up and let’s go.

DAY ONE (Sunday)
Unfortunately, a stalled boundary will be sitting right on top of New England in the morning on Sunday, which means we will be enjoying some rain as we leave Manchester. We will deal with these showers through Massachusetts and in far northern Connecticut, but we should enjoy a break by the time we reach Hartford. That shower activity will remain light or non-existent as we continue southwestward through downstate New York. The front will reflare, and do so fairly aggressively in Pennsylvania, however. Particularly around Williamsport, the shower and thunderstorm activity could be heavy at times. The terrain will loosen up west of Bellefonte, and rain and storms may be a bit lighter as we call it a night in Du Bois, PA.

DAY TWO (Monday)
Things don’t look too bad for Monday, from western Pennsylvania to northern Illinois. The real issues will be to the west, where low pressure is coming together. When we stop for the night in Joliet, don’t be surprised to see some clouds on the western horizon, where some showers and storms will be firing.

DAY THREE (Tuesday)
As the system in the northern Plains matures, things should stabilize over northern Illinois and Iowa, thanks in large part to some oppressive heat and humidity. I think that we will drive through some soupy but rain free conditions from Joliet to Cedar Rapids. From Cedar Rapids to Adair, there is a chance for a very isolated storm, which could be fairly strong. The cold front itself will move slowly across the Missouri River. There will be heavier rain and a better chance for severe storms from Adair to Gretna, Nebraska, depending on the pace of the boundary. Fortunately, I think everything will be wrapping up from the west Omaha metro to Lincoln, which is where we will check in for the evening.

DAY FOUR (Wednesday)
High pressure will be pressing into the northern Rockies on Wednesday. Temperatures will be cooler, which is great, and we will be able to enjoy the splendor of Nebraska. There is a truck stop in Big Spring that’s terrific. The drive will take us to Wyoming, where we will have to find a spot to camp west of Laramie. Exit 279 is the goal spot.

DAY FIVE (Thursday)
Thursday is going to be similar to Wednesday. Not many people around, not much weather around and the end of a day that ends very rurally. The drive will end east of Wells, Nevada, right in the middle of the wilderness.

DAY SIX (Friday)
Clouds will be building up the Sierras as we cross from Nevada to California, but afternoon convection will wait until after we have descended into the Valley. It will be quite warm in inland locations like Stockton, and the sun will be out to make us feel the heat.