Western US Continues to Bake

Last time I talked about a heat wave hitting the western US last week, the Desert Southwest sweltered under record-breaking heat. Las Vegas tied a record hitting 113 on Saturday, Needles just hit 110+ degrees for the 12th day in a row, and Death Valley peaked at a soul-crushing 123 degrees. There’s more intense heat coming up over the next few days, but this time, the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies are in the crossfire. Places from Salem to Portland, Oregon are looking at highs of 95-100 degrees on Friday and Saturday. Yakima, WA is projected to hit 105-110 throughout the weekend and with current record highs hovering right around 100, they have a great chance at breaking multiple records this weekend. The heat bubble then shifts towards the east a bit, encompassing the Northern Rockies as places like Missoula and Boise are looking to hit 100-105 on Sunday and Monday. For comparison’s sake, as Boise bakes near 103 degrees on Saturday, temperatures in the Northeast US look to only hit the low 70s in places, and even areas in the Deep South only reach the lower 80s. Another hot weekend for our friends in the West!