Summer to Start In A Scorching Manner

Summer officially starts this coming Sunday at 1139AM CDT here in Minneapolis, and for many people it will coincide with the start of vacation trips with the family, going to baseball games (like me!), or doing something fun for Father’s Day. Summer also coincides, obviously, with sweltering temperatures, and this will be evident in a very normal place to find these… the Desert Southwest.

A large ridge of high pressure is parking itself over the Southwest US throughout the weekend, causing temperatures to soar. Forecast high temperatures are so high, in fact, that the NWS has issues Excessive Heat Warnings for southeastern CA, southern NV, and western AZ, including parts eastward into the greater Phoenix area. Forecast temperatures in Phoenix are projected to be 110-115… in the Las Vegas area: 112-117… and in Death Valley: 123-127. Those temperatures are nothing to be trifled with, prolonged exposure to those conditions can cause the body to shut down in a very short amount of time. Also, this weekend is the famous Electric Daisy Carnival at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway (135K attendees a day for 3 days), so news media in the area is already getting the word out to festival-goers to plan ahead for the extreme heat and to remain hydrated. Luckily for them, the event goes from 7pm – 5am each night, so they’ll avoid the tremendous heat of the day for the most part.