Florence, South Carolina to Hagerstown, Maryland

If you were asked how long it took to drive from South Carolina to Maryland, would you guess a day? Because it’s only a 7 hour drive from Florence to Hagerstown. We’ll cover 466 miles, which will mean that our pace will be a brisk 65.6mph. Such a short drive, let’s get to it.

With an active wave rolling through the northern Plains, a lot of the energy that would otherwise be touching off scattered nearly constant thunderstorms in the southeastern United States this time of year is trapped on the other side of the Appalachians. It will be plenty warm in the coastal Carolinas and even north into eastern Virginia, but the instability wrought by low pressure in Ontario may contribute to some cloudiness around Richmond. Those clouds will continue the rest of the way north into Hagerstown, and when we start reaching some terrain, from Frederick, Maryland on into Hagerstown, we might finally see a stray shower. Of course. Right when we get there.