Severe weather outbreak ongoing

You’ll note that I termed this a “severe weather” outbreak, rather than tornado. There is definitely a reason for this. Take a look at the thunderstorm threat categories from the SPC. This is the risk for severe winds for this afternoon. Hatched areas are the threat for winds greater than 75mph.
As one can see from the radar, thunderstorm has developed into a LEWP pattern, a “line echo wave pattern” which will induce strong straightline winds at the apex of the waves within the line. Basically, it’s pretty aparent that the SPC nailed their forecast.
There have been some embedded tornadoes within the line, but to this point most of the severe weather has been in the form of strong winds, though some of the embedded tornadoes have been problematic as well in the southern US.
I would suspect that the most significant severe weather from this point forward will be found north of College Station, where radar is indicating the strongest winds.