Springfield, Illinois to Lafayette, Indiana

Whenever we do a short trip, it always seems to be through Indiana, for some reason. This trek will only last 3 hours and cover 178 miles. The drive will be at a pace of 61.2mph, thanks to some lower roads in western Indiana. I guess we should probably get going.

A head of a broad area of low pressure across the High Plains, moisture will be pumping north into the Mississippi Valley. A vorticity maximum will be the focal point for heavier rain and thunderstorms, and will be centered around Cape Girardieau, Missouri. This will keep rain fairly light around Springfield, and perhaps we will even see some dry conditions through Champaign. The rest of the stretch will likely be pretty drizzly, however, with light rain continuing from the home of the University of Illinois to the home of their contemporary, Purdue University in Lafayette (well, Purdue is in West Lafayette, but you get the point).