Lake Charles, Louisiana to Bridgeport, Connecticut

How about a road trip? It’s been a pretty quiet week of forecasting, and our previous road trip only covered about 4 hours. Let’s go for 3 full days and cover 1558 miles (about) at a pace of 65.8mph, which equates to 526 miles of travel a day. Things are clearing out across the country. Let’s enjoy the ride.

DAY ONE (Friday)
Lake Charles
It’s not terribly often we get to say this this time of year, but the drive through the deep South looks pretty good on Friday. Temperatures won’t even be terribly warm either, with a Canadian ridge of high pressure diving southeast through the Ohio Valley. Sure, it’s going to be plenty warm, and rather humid, but it could be so much worse this time of year. We won’t really even get too far out of the south by the time we call it a day in Birmingham.

DAY TWO (Saturday)
Low pressure will move off the coast by the time we set forth on our journey on Saturday. Expect some haze in the valleys as we head through the Smokeys and southern Appalachians, but otherwise, we will remain unfettered by the threat for unpleasant weather. At the back end of this upper level area of low pressure, we will be subject to a wash from the Atlantic that will lead to some mountain induced cloudiness, but not any valley rains. The day will end in mostly cloudy conditions in Buchanan, Virginia, which is just past Roanoke.

DAY THREE (Sunday)
There is a surface trough expected to ripple through New England on Sunday. The moisture associated with this feature will be confined to the mountains to the west of town, as well as a little bit more robus through central New England. Officially, Bridgeport is in New England, but they will be too far south to see any wet weather on Sunday. By golly, this is a nice little 3 day weekend drive.