Santa Fe, New Mexico to Longview, Texas

Texas is a monstrous state. That’s why a trip just from the next state over will take us a day and a half to complete. It’s a 767 mile journey from Santa Fe to Longview, and we will cover it at a pace of 63.9mph, which means the first day of travel will net us 511 miles of the travel. There will be storms in the southern Plains tomorrow, will we run into any on our drive?

DAY ONE (Saturday)
Santa Fe
Low pressure initially generated by the lee of the Rockies, and then enhanced by the upper level wave emerging into the Plains will cycle moisture back into the Rockes, where it will fall as rain, primarily in the higher terrain. There may be a splash of rain as we depart Santa Fe and head south towards I-40, but when we turn east, we will be in the clear for a while. We’ll catch up with the back end of the system very near to the end of the day, but post frontally, we’ll only see some rain, rather than the nasty severe storms they will be seeing around our destination. The day will conclude in Henrietta, Texas, and we’ll only be in the rain between about Electra and Henrietta.

DAY TWO (Sunday)
Hey, Sunday will be pretty nice! We’re going to drive through the Metroplex and continue on to Longview in a post-frontal environment, with sunny skies and incresingly hot conditions. I hope your AC is working, or that you enjoy driving with the windows down. MAybe there is a pool in Longview, because it will be in the upper 80s when we check in.
Longview TX