Longview, Texas

I hope everyone is enjoying more basketball than is healthy to watch, but by golly, there might be weather going on.

At 453PM, CT, Longview was reporting a temperature of 63 degrees with overcast conditions. A developing system over southern Texas was extending a tendril of rain that was lying off to the west of Longview and was likely on its way into the area. A sharp upper level trough with weak flow through it is leading to a generally disorganized system, but one laden with very heavy rainfall.
Precipitation will really amplify overnight as flow into the surface feature begins to route from the Gulf of Mexico. The wave, fortunately, will be short enough that the rainfall won’t linger for days, but tomorrow has the potential to be an extremely rainy day. The primary area of low pressure will shift off to the east by Sunday afternoon, however without a strong flow behind the system to motivate things, there may be light rain and clouds continuing through Sunday evening as well. Fortunately, another consequence of the weak flow will be a failure to import much cold air behind the system.
Tomorrow – Very rainy, High 62, Low 55
Sunday – Rain, heavy in the morning, thenn some clearing. High 65, Low 55

TWC: Tomorrow – Rain, High 60, Low 54
Sunday – Showers 66, Low 53

AW: Tomorrow – Occasional rain, High 62, Low 57
Sunday – Mostly cloudy with a couple of showers High 66, Low 57

NWS: Tomorrow – Showers likely and possibly a thunderstorm, then showers and thunderstorms after 8am. Some of the storms could produce heavy rainfall High 63, Low 59
Sunday – Showers likely and possibly a thunderstorm before 8am, then a chance of showers and thunderstorms between 8am and 2pm, then a slight chance of showers after 2pm. Some of the storms could produce heavy rainfall. Cloudy, High 68, Low 59

WB: Tomorrow – Showers and thunderstorms. Locally heavy rainfall possible. Cloudy.High 65, Low 58
Sunday – Chance of showers and isolated thunderstorms in the morning…Then a slight chance of showers in the afternoon. Mostly cloudy. High 66, Low 59

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly Cloudy with Thunderstorms High 63, Low 59
Sunday – Mostly Cloudy with Scattered Showers High 68, Low 59

FIO: Tomorrow – Rain throughout the day. High 61, Low 58
Sunday – Heavy rain until afternoon. High 67, Low 53

Here is the rain coming in. Ominous. Daunting.

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