Atlanta, Georgia

Our final day of Winter has passed! Spring is almost here! Hooray! Let’s head down south to see if the first weekend of Spring will be awesome:

At 1152pm EDT, the temperature at Atlanta, Georgia was 48 degrees with a light drizzle falling. A mid-level disturbance is pushing through the Mid-Atlantic, bringing rain from SC to VA and eventually snow to portions of the Northeast and New England. Low clouds and fog and lingered in its wake, leaving some drizzle or isolated showers lingering over the Deep South. With weak high pressure in the area, it will take a while to scour out the low conditions Friday morning, possibly lingering into the afternoon before conditions improve. High pressure becomes a bit more prevalent on Saturday, keeping scattered showers and thunderstorms further south along the Gulf Coast. It will still be mostly cloudy, but should at least remain dry to kick off the weekend, and a bit warmer as well.

Also, Spring officially starts Friday at 645pm Atlanta time as the Earth reaches the Spring Equinox. Winter is finally over people!!

Friday: Chances of morning drizzle/fog, clearing out some by afternoon. High 69, Low 48.
Saturday: Mostly cloudy. High 72, Low 52.

TWC: Friday: Mostly cloudy, isolated showers possible, High 71, Low 48.
Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 75, Low 51.

AW: Friday: A brief shower or two in early morning, then mostly cloudy and warmer. High 71, Low 49.
Saturday: Mostly cloudy. High 75, Low 53.

NWS: Friday: Areas of rain. High 70, Low 47.
Saturday: Slight change of showers, increasing late. High 72, Low 50.

WB: Friday: Areas of fog in the morning. Chance of rain and drizzle in afternoon. High 70, Low 48.
Saturday: Partly sunny. High 72, Low 53.

WN: Friday: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. High 70, Low 46.
Saturday: Partly cloudy with isolated showers. High 72, Low 50.

FIO: Friday: Mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 70, Low 47.
Saturday: Partly cloudy until afternoon. High 71, Low 52.

We see a few light showers scattered across the region tonight, with the drizzle happening right now most likely too light to get picked up by radar. It looks to get murkier as the weekend progresses.


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