Spartanburg, South Carolina to Rome, Georgia

It’s not often we get much shorter road trips than this. The trek from Upstate South Carolina to northwest Georgia should take fewer than 4 hours, even with a trip through the north side of Atlanta. The distance between the two cities is a mere 230 miles, which places our average speed of 61.9mph. Imagine how short the trip would be without Atlanta.

There is a swath of rain moving out of the Carolina Piedmont, which is bringing rain to the Spartanburg area tonight and an area of low pressure over the northern Gulf of Mexico. The cold front will be off shore as we depart, while the low will be lifting northward. It won’t bring significant rain to the region while we are driving, but west of Athens to Rome (where is this trip?) clouds will become more widespread and there could be a quick, brief downpour in that same stretch of road. Those spits of rain will continue after we have arrived for the night.