A few flurries between big snows

Once again, the model nobody believed was the one that bore itself out. There were snow showers in the forecast in Fayetteville for a handful of outlets, as they anticipated a descending surface ridge producing some flurries in the Ozarks on Thursday. Instead, as guidance suggested, it was a dry day in Fayetteville, though there were a few sites nearby that did report snow. On the other hand, while the GFS kept all of the Red River Valley clear, other models, including the NAM in particular and the Euro to a lesser extent expected a wave moving down the Front Range to blossom as it rounded the base of the ridge and sock the Ozarks. Everyone kept Fayetteville dry on Friday. There was, in fact, a trace of snow. The GFS was very wrong, to the tune of 3-5 inches across the region. Despite issues with precipitation, some outlets did a great job with temperatures. Forecast.io had a perfect low yesterday, which catapulted them to victory.
Actuals: Thursday, High 33, Low 18
Friday – Trace of snow, High 20, Low 11

Grade C-F