Youngstown, Ohio to Fayetteville, Arkansas

I have to admit, these two cities are further apart than I thought they would be. It’s a two day adventure to go from northeastern Ohio to northwest Arkansas, covering about 955 miles. The route is heavy on interstates, and we’ll cover ground at about 64.2mph. At that pace, we will net nearly 514 miles on Thursday and leave the rest for Friday. The Ozarks are very pretty, but I have never seen them snow covered.

DAY ONE (Thursday)
There is a batch of snow that has been a lot more efficient at producing snow accumulation in Upper Midwest. Snow totals of 3-5″ have been seen in Iowa and northern Illinois, which came as a minor surprise. The system is going to lose quite a bit of its bluster overnight. Significantly less intense, though road in coverage snow showers will stretch across our entire Thursday route as we depart. The system will continue to weaken, however, and we will likely see persistent snow come to an end as we cross into Indiana. That’s still a lot of Ohio in which we will see snow showers. This wave is going to stall behind the strong system off the east coast, so the drive will be cloudy, and there may be one or two stray flakes before we end in Brownstown, which is west of Effingham in Illinois.

DAY TWO (Friday)
You really couldn’t ask for a more different forecast guidances for the Red River Valley for tomorrow. I can’t say that enough. It’s mesmerizing. The NAM has snow and ice reaching across the Red River Valley while the GFS has absolutely nothing. This is only relevant for our arrival in Fayetteville, and the brightest weather minds in the business tend to agree that Fayetteville will be in the clear for our arrival. The rest of the drive should be pretty good too. Just be quick about filling your tank, because it will be awfully cold.