The difference a couple of feet makes

When I was first attempting to verify, I looked at the Reno numbers rather than Carson City. A couple outlets, namely ourselves and WeatherNation, ended up with only 1 degree of error. We nailed a Reno forecast with our Carson City forecast! Well, then we looked at the numbers for Carson City. Oops. The Nevada capital has an elevation 300 feet higher than Reno, and is nearer the mountains. As a result, temperatures were cooler than those in Reno by a few degrees. Enough to make V-W 16 degrees off and WeatherNation 14 degrees off. As we looked at the correct verification, the National Weather Service and The Weather Channel had the top forecast.
Actuals: Wednesday – High 68, Low 28
Thursday – High 66, Low 30

Grade B – D (WB gets a big fat F for not having a forecast.)