Carson City, Nevada to Reading, Pennsylvania

We’re on the road again, this time it’s a massive 2647.75 mile, 5 day journey. We’ll cover ground at a pace of 65.3, which will mean our days will require coverage of 522 miles. There is a lot of driving to do, so we better start doing it.

DAY ONE (Thursday)
Carson City
It’s going to be pretty chilly in the open basin of northern Nevada, particularly as night begins to fall over the eastern portion of the state. That should be the only issue we have to deal with, however, as a broad upper level ridge remains in place, smothering any hint at instability. The day will take us to Lake Point, Utah, just south of the Great Salt Lake.

DAY TWO (Friday)
A ridge moving out of western Canada into the northern Rockies will bring some snow showers to the western half of Wyoming. If we leave early enough in the day, we might be able to avoid much of the activity. Still, I think by the time we reach the highest points of Wyoming, between Laramie and Rock Springs, and particularly around Rawlins, we may see some flakes. There will be a chance for some snow after we pass Laramie, as precipitation will be filling in across the region. It won’t be as efficient in the low lands as it was in the higher terrain, so the stretch from Cheyenne to Kimball, Nebraska, our destination for Friday night, may in fact be dry. I wouldn’t count on it being completely dry, though.

DAY THREE (Saturday)
An inverted trough and very strong cold air moving into the Plains will join forces to make for a particularly dangerous drive through western Nebraska on Saturday. The worst of the day will be from Big Spring, right northeast of Colorado, to Grand Isle, where white out conditions will be possible. There will be a trend towards improving conditions later in the, but even eastern Nebraska and Iowa will have seen snow and will be enduring the post-storm winds. Visibility will be low, and we will be white knuckling it the whole way through. The day will end in Menlo, Iowa, west f Des Moines, and it will likely be much later than we intend.

DAY FOUR (Sunday)
After Saturday’s nightmare of a drive, tehre was nowhere to go but up on Sunday. The system that wrought such nastiness on Saturday will be forming a more frontal orienation by the end of the weekend, with the focal point setting up to our southeast. Of course, behind this boundary, we will be well within the cold sector of the advancing system, and a cold north wind will push us around I-80 through eastern Iowa, northern Illinois and northern Indiana. Traffic is always a nightmare in Chicago, and will be done no favors by lake effect snow south of Lake Michigan in the southeastern Chicagoland area. The good news is, when we arrive in Angola, Indiana, the snow will be done. Present and on the ground, but done.

DAY FIVE (Monday)
As with the drive on Sunday, the drive on Monday will be free of significant snowfall, outside of the northwind induced lake effect snow. We are at the mercy of a different lake this time around. North winds of of Lake Erie mised with the hills of western Pennsylvania will lead to some flurries around Pittsburgh. In the end,when we descend the Appalachians towards Reading, we will find an area of the country recovering from another nor-easter (except we will have been dealing it since it was a mid-wester). This round will have been warmer, with rain changing to snow in Reading. Keep an eye out for some slick spots as we slide into our final destination.