Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Sioux City, Iowa

Now for the regularly scheduled post for the day. We’re going on a 2 day trip that will cover 1174 miles. The second day of the journey will be a bit longer, with the first wrapping up after 518.7 miles at a 64.8mph pace. I don’t have a lot else to add in the intro, so let’s take to the road.

DAY ONE (Wednesday)
Generally speaking, we shouldn’t expect any problems through most of the day. There will be some clouds through the Appalachans, as there always are, but flow over northern Ohio is going to be from the south, so we shouldn’t have much to worry about there. A clipper moving through the Great Lakes is going to slow down a bit. We’ll encounter some clouds and maybe a bit of very light sleet upon arriving in northern Indiana, but I think the chances are better that we stay dry. The day will end in Howe, Indiana, which is just south of Sturgis, Michigan.

DAY TWO (Thursday)
The sleet will pick up late in the evening as we recline in Howe, and there could be an inch or so of snow on the ground. It will be like that all the way to about LaPorte, where there could be 2-4″. When we hit the Illinois border, though, all will be clear. Expect clearing skies and gradually warming temperatures, though the blustery winds will continue to about Peru, Illinois. From there through Iowa and back north into Sioux City, we can expect a pretty nice trip. Really though, it’s just Indiana that will give us any problems.
Sioux City