New Haven, Connecticut to Missoula, Montana

Let’s see if this westward journey will be as enjoyable as Anthony’s trip was yesterday. We’re going to be taking a 5 day trip that covers 2459.8 miles. That should work out to about 65mph with a daily pace of nearly 520 miles a day. The 5th day will be a bit shorter. This is going to be a little bit more grueling than yesterday’s trip, isn’t it?

DAY ONE (Saturday)
New Haven
The Northeast has been assaulted by snow lately. Connecticut has been particularly hard hit, though it was rougher in the eastern and northern part of the state. There will be a little bit of light precipitation as we start on our way from New Haven, but the good news is, it will be falling as rain. The bad news, of course, is that it may be freezing on contact. Oops. Slick conditions with a little bit of freezing drizzle will continue through Williamsport. After we get to western PA, things will clear out, and the rest of the day will be marvelous. We’ll end the day in Richfield, Ohio, south of Cleveland, which will also be marvelous.

DAY TWO (Sunday)
An organizing area of low pressure along a mostly stationary boundary in the Great Lakes will begin to churn things up across our route on Sunday. It will be raining lightly as we begin our drive in Richfield. We’ll be driving almost directly through the central low pressure in northern Indiana, which means that we’ll see light rain all the way through Chicago. Sometime around Rockford, some light snow may begin mixing in with the rain, and by the time we hit Madison, it should be all snow. We won’t go much further than Madison, stopping for the day in Portage, Wisconsin.

DAY THREE (Monday)
The area of low pressure that brought us the light rain and snow on Sunday will safely be tucked away in New England, bringing a ton of snow to Boston again, and perhaps a bit of ice to New Haven. Our day will be significantly less stressful. The drive through western Wisconsin and Minnesota will be pretty relaxed. Mostly sunny skies with dry roads will take us through Saint Cloud, at which point we will be reaching a weak warm front producing some light precipitation and a fairly dense overcast. The day will end in Peak, North Dakota, a small town near Valley City, still under the threat for light snow.

DAY FOUR (Tuesday)
It’s going to snow overnight in eastern North Dakota, and there is a pretty decent chance that wet snow will continue through western North Dakota as we make the trip. They close roads in the Plains if the winds are too strong in the midst of snow storms, but that shouldn’t be an issue on Tuesday, so we’ll be left to muddle through the snowy conditions. Things will begin to wrap up shortly after we’ve passed through Glendive. It will be cloudy with chances for lighter snow than we saw in North Dakota (it will remind of what we see in Wisconsin) as we pass through eastern Montana. The day will end, still under the auspice of flurry activity, in Ballantine, which is in suburban Billings.

DAY FIVE (Wednesday)
High pressure and upsloping is going to develop in Montana through midweek. This means we will see chilly but dry conditions throughout the plains in Montana, but by the time we start climbing into the Rockies, temperatures will start to climb.There is a pretty good chance that by the time we reach Missoula it will be back in the 40s.