Bloomington, Indiana to Bellingham, Washington

It took a long time, but the active clipper pattern finally turned into a massive Nor’easter out east. We were able to track it from the upper Midwest and Great Lakes all the way through the Ohio Valley to its present state, where it is crushing the east coast. Let’s see if we can find any other clippers or looming disasters on the way from Bloomington to Bellingham. It’s a 5 day, 2402 mile journey. The 5th day will be shorter than the first 4, which will cover 512 miles. Our pace will be about 64mph. Let’s rock and roll.

DAY ONE (Tuesday)
This is fun. You know that nasty, historic storm headed for New England? Well, it’s being chased out by a pretty strong ridge. It will be cool in Bloomington as we leave, and we may even be under a fine dusting of recent snowfall, and it could be a little cool as we head northwest through Illinois, but we will pass into the surface thermal ridge around the Quad Cities, and rather than temperatures cooling off after sunset, they may even sneak up as we head west West Des Moines, Iowa.

DAY TWO (Wednesday)
There will indeed be another wave moving into the northern Plains as we head west through South Dakota. The best news of all, though, is that on Wednesday, this wave will only draw warm air north, as opposed to bringing precipitation to our route. There will be a splash of rain out in the Black Hills very late in the day, but our day will be marked by unseasonably warm temperatures and partly cloudy skies. Winds could get a little brisk, so keep an eye out for swaying semi trailers. We will nearly make it to Wyoming by the end of the day, stopping in North Spearfish, South Dakota.

DAY THREE (Thursday)
That system over the northern Plains, the one that will kick up some light precip over the Black Hills Wednesday night will indeed blossom over the Great Lakes, and then move into New England as a decent snowmaker in New England late in the week. For us, hardly a thing. By the time we get going Thursday, there won’t be anything to worry about. Time to don the jacket though, as it will be a bit cooler through Wyoming and eastern Montana. We’ll make it to Livingston, which is in the south central part of Big Sky country.

DAY FOUR (Friday)
A wave will be moving through Canada, and a deep system setting up over the Four Corners will be impacting the Rockies rather significanty on Friday. Between those two features lie the northern Rockies and interior Pacific Northwest. We shouldn’t have any problems, save for fog in the Spokane Valley, and we will make our way to Warden, Washington, without really struggling with anything beyond visibility and elevation.

DAY FIVE (Saturday)
We’ll be arriving along the Puget Sound at an opportune time. For once, there won’t be a Pacific system slamming into the coast, not at the time we head from Seattle north to Bellingham. Kick back and relax and enjoy a pleasant day of mostly cloudiness with little chance for drizzle. That’s a good day in western Washington in the winter! Especially when New England willj ust be getting done with another snow storm.